Friday, March 25, 2011

Well Hello, Spring!

Whoa! It has been a while since I updated this blog of mine. I've been very busy this month due to my Final Exams. It's not over yet though as I still need to take the last one next Thursday but just thinking about it almost being over gives a smile on my face. I can almost say, YES!

And yes, there's enough reason to smile and celebrate than just the fact that the exams are almost over. Spring is finally here! The days are definitely warmer and the entire week has been clear and blue skies. I wanted so much to take my camera out and take some spring photos. Perhaps we will do that on Sunday. I need a model and my little girl is the perfect one.

And when I was out this morning to go to the bank, I went window-shopping on the side. Browsing at the newest collections, and the various items on sale, I realized that my wardrobe is so outdated and that I need a makeover. Lol!

And there are so many things that I fancy buying. If only I had more than money to buy all these needs. Not just for me, but for my family and our little home as well. And so while browsing through home accessories, clothes, shoes, and leather goods, I hit on something.

A realization actually. And that is what this blog should be all about. I have been thinking about I would really like to do about it since I myself am confused over what to do write and blog about. Then it hit me. I really love to go windowshopping. In German, they call it "Schaufensterbummel", a very nice beautiful word, well at least for me. So there. I think in the incoming posts, you will read about beautiful stuff that made me amazed, thrilled, envious, wishful, shocked, surprised, happy and thousands of other emotions I could not even describe.

I guess that's a good head start for spring, don't you think?


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