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A hot cup of coffee could go a long way... especially if you have a laptop at hand or are working in front of your computer. Ideas would always come and go and they are best written down while they are fresh.

I always jump start my day with a nice hot cup of coffee. It always gives me that boost that I need. I know, too much of caffein is bad for the health but a cup a day helps a lot. It warms me up, wards off my sleepiness and helps me to focus more on the tasks at hand.

Coffee has always been my best friend. I frequent coffee shops in my single days, relaxing, chatting and catching up with good friends. I still go to coffee shops every now and then, when I am in the mood but I am content with sipping my own cup of coffee here at home. For now, it's just instant coffee. But I have two bags of premium coffee in my cupboard waiting to be brewed. If I could only get myself to buy my coffeemaker, I know that I would soon be floating in a sea of coffee aroma. And that would just be perfect for me!



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