Thursday, April 25, 2013

Lighting Always Does The Trick

In whatever situation, lights will always play a vital role. Lighting has long been studied and used extensively in different fields: photography, film, arts, sciences, medical instrumentation. Aside from providing light at different intensities to serve its purpose, lighting is also important in creating that ambience and feel.

Next to home furnishings, indoor lighting is of paramount importance especially if you want to create different atmospheres at different parts of your home. Of course, you wouldn't want white glaring light in your bedroom or gloomy and dim lights in your work room, right? Everything has its proper order so to speak.

Flush ceiling lights are perfect for areas requiring a good all around light because it sits completely cleanly to the ceiling. This type of lighting is recommended for bathrooms, living rooms, kitchens and offices. With so many designs to choose from in the market today, you can choose the ones that will suit your room. If you want to get more ideas on which design to choose, Searchlight Lighting offers a variety of styles and types.  

There are also spotlights, low or high ceiling lights, and even shades that you can mix and match to serve a certain function in your room. Rooms after all, are also sometimes multi-functional so you have to also plan what type of lighting will do just the trick for you. 

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Pab Der... So Comfy and Light

My happy feet are happier now that I discovered PabDer. PadDer is an Italian brand that has several branches in the Philippines. Unfortunately, they don't have one in Davao yet so I was able to buy my pair in Ayala Cebu. 

This cream-colored loafers are just so comfy I would walk for hours on end without complaining. They are hand-made and the material is from very soft lamb leather. I am so totally satisfied with my own pair... and because they also come in other colors, I am oh so tempted to get my own collection of PabDer shoes. But since I am not really imeldific, I think one pair will do... I know it will be years and years before I purchase another one. Because you know me.... I only buy something for myself when I really need it. :)

And just look at their logo of sheep dogs... Aren't they just cute?

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