Thursday, December 8, 2011

Keep Warm with Peak Performance!

Winter is finally here... It snowed for the first time last Tuesday but only for a while. The rain that followed after the snow fall just melted all the snow away. Today, the sun is smiling and shining after three days of wet, humid days. But soon, I know that it will snow.. really snow.

The temperature is still mind. It hasn't dropped below zero yet, but still, it IS cold. One should not take any chances and should or better yet, MUST dress warmly especially when going out. This winter, we are ready. We purchased new winter jackets the last time Outlet City Metzingen had their Sonntagsöffener Tür.

We were just browsing through the different stores when we chanced upon Peak Performance. They have a special offer on that day and I fell in love with the off white down jacket. There's also the  purchased winter jackets from Peak Performance Outlet Store in Outlet City Metzingen at a very good price -- for 70% off to be exact.

I recently wore it this week and I don't need to wear layers and layers of clothes anymore! All I have to wear is a shirt inside and then the jacket and I didn't feel cold at all! It really kept me warm and comfortable the entire day, thanks to the high quality goose down and fine fabric that ensures good insulation properties.

More about the Brand:
Our origins – "Passion for sport and nature"

Peak performance was established in 1986 in the Swedish Åre by professional skiers with a passion for sports, design and natural adventure. Today, we are an established international brand, but our values are still the same as when the company was establishment - we live, gather inspiration and develop with the same passion, which remains unchanged. We sum this up with the expression: "Living the Brand".

On our journey we have learned everything about the requirements for the appearance and functionality of clothing and equipment for active people. This has helped to make Peak Performance what it is today.

A constantly growing brand with an international network of independent dealers, own stores, franchise shops and sales in over 25 countries. Whatever we do, Peak Performance's basis will always be the classical "Mountain resort" and associated lifestyle. And we shall continue applying the simple philosophy to our products, which we had when the company was established: to create products that we like and use ourselves.


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