Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Smartphone Friendly Gloves

It's winter. The temps are below zero and you have been waiting at the bus stop for more than fifteen minutes now. Your freezing cold. Thankfully, you didn't forget to wear your beanie and your gloves. Suddenly, your phone rings. You want to ignore but sees that it's an important call that you need to take. So you have no choice but to remove your gloves so you can answer your phone. The call takes about five minutes. After that, your hands are so cold and numb you can't feel them anymore. 

Familiar eh? Do you ever find it annoying whenever you have to remove your gloves just to answer a text message or a call from your smartphone? But there's now a solution to this dilemma: smartphone friendly gloves that allow you to use your smartphone without having to remove them. I found these really nice touchscreen friendly gloves at and I just thought: this would  be perfect for the husband.

And there's a pair that's perfect for women too:

I just love them! Too bad I won't be here when it really gets too cold as I'll be away in a sunny, warm and tropical place. :)


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