Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Will Skinny Jeans Look Good On Me?

Skinny jeans hug the body through the hips and thighs. They are meant to flatter your silhouette by poviding a "slimming" effect, so pick this fit if u want a pair of jeans that creates a youthful look.

I have always loved people watching especially when I am in high pedestrian-traffic areas. I get to see different people from all ages and sizes and I get an idea on what's trendy these days, no matter what body shape and size you may have. I have been seeing women wearing skinny jeans but I am not sure whether it would be the right kind of pair to buy. The problem: I have a big booty and wide hips so I am not sure whether it will look good on me or make me look heavier. Another problem area is my tummy so I need to wear something that will help tuck them in.

I am actually considering taking a girl friend that next time I go shopping for clothes. That way, I will have somebody who will advice me which one looks good on me and which one doesn't. Maybe I will try on a few skinny jeans and see how I look in them. I am also considering shopping online. There are lots of nice styles that I see on the Internet but I don't know how I will look in them. But then again, I can always return the item within 14 days if they don't fit me or if they don't look good on me.


Yup, i have the same problem...big hips and booty. Skinny jeans might work for us, as long as our top's length goes just past the first hipline :)


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