Thursday, July 7, 2011

My PF Sneakers

I blogged about this new sneakers that I purchased a few weeks back and I was so excited for the day to come when I get it in my possession. Well, I actually got it eons ago. I just wasn't able to blog about it so much.

So how was it? It was really a great addition and a great alternative to my running shoes. But when I first wore it, it was an agony (as is usually the case when you wear new footwear)! Maybe my feet were not so used to wearing such flat sneakers. Thankfully though, the sole was soft and I didn't even get blisters on my feet, especially at the contour of my heels. I also have flat feet so I guess it wasn't such a brilliant idea to be wearing really flat shoes. But the next day, I wore it again and thankfully, my feet no longer felt uncomfortable. I guess the sneakers has adapted to the shape of my feet.

It is now one of my favorite pairs. It is very easy to wear, especially if I need to rush because I am already late for my lectures. Hehe! And in this warm weather, it is not a problem as the material does not feel warm.


Oh we both are flat-footed! sneakers are really comfy shoes for feet like ours!


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