Thursday, July 4, 2013

The Prospect of Moving Out

Moving is one of the things that gives me mixed emotions of uncertainty and excitement. Uncertainty because you never know if your neighborhood is going to be as good and ideal as the one you are used to. Excitement because of the new experiences that come along with the moving and the opportunity to try new decorating ideas. Being an optimist though, I always look at the positive side of things and just put the uncertainty aside and choose to be happy about the prospect of living in a new abode. 

So while we are waiting for things to be confirmed, I busy myself with moving out projects. Right now I am looking for ideas for a little girl's room and even considering doing some online catalog printing from online shops offering children's room furniture and accesoires. Since our little girl will start in the first grade next year, getting her a room for herself will be very helpful so she can sleep early and do have her own quiet space for making her homework.

There's still tons to do too before we finally get to move out. Send a notice of rental contract cancellation, pack up, paint the walls white anew, clean, clean and clean! So wish us all luck! We will definitely need it! :)


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