Saturday, October 5, 2013

Lovely Shoes For Your Little Fashionista

On our way home from the Kindergarten, a parent asked me about my little girl's Barbie shoes. She asked where I bought them because her little girl also wanted one. Her daughter is turning a year older in the next few days and so she was frantically searching for something just like it at the shoe shops here and also online. She wanted to give it to her daughter as a bitthday present you see but her search is in vain. Since my husband was still in the Philippines on the day this parent approached me, I asked him if he could buy two pairs, one for my little girl and the other one for her friend at the Kindergarten. Thankfully, he agreed and even sent me photos of the cute, colorful and dainty designs. The material is made from sythetic leather and the outer sole is made of lightweight rubber (I think). 

Don't you just love these? Which one's your favorite?

My little girl's first pair is already "kaputt" so to speak, with the heel part slowly separating from the counter, and the synthetic material peeling off. It could be because of too frequent wear, with my little one tending to drag her feet while she walks. But whatever the reason, we need some fast cure clear adhesives (click here for a selection of other adhesives) FAST so we can put them again to use here at home during her impromptu ramp modeling sessions or in the next summer season. This also got me thinking as to whether I should ask the hubby to buy more so I can sell them to the little girls at the Kindergarten. ;)


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