Thursday, December 19, 2013

That Loud, Noisy Crash...

It is difficult for me to relate to heavy metal music... I know heavy metals, but only in the chemical point of view, Hehe! :) But the loud, noisy, crash sound of aggressive hard metal, metallic rock or whatever you call it actually gives me a headache. Still, there are people who are into this extreme, musical genres and well, one just needs to respect that. 

If you happen to be one of those enthusiasts and are looking for a gift for yourself or for someone you know, you can find affordable paiste 17 rude wild crash at guitar center. The Paiste Rude wild crash is a cymbal that is meant to produce that strong and wild crash in aggressive playing styles. If you want to make some noise this Christmas and New Year, this could also be a good idea. Let's just hope no neighbors will go knocking and complaining at your door.


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