Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Creating a Sticky Post on Blogger

Have you ever noticed those "sticky posts" on numerous blogs to announce a certain event or a contest or to promote a site or a shop? I have always wondered how bloggers did them: those things called "sticky post". They must be quite easy to make because I find them on the blogs of those who proclaimed that they do not know a thing about the technical side of blogging. Also, I always forget to ask my blogger friends about it each time the opportunity to chat with them arises. So I am reminded today to find out how it's done as I am trying to promote this blog. So "googling" for some answers, I was directed to eHow.com and the instructions are as easy as one, two, three, four.
Step 1
Connect to your Blogger account and click "Layout" in the "Dashboard."
Step 2
Select "Add a Page Element" and choose the function you want to use as your "sticky post." For example, if you would like to announce an ongoing contest, you can choose "Text" and enter the details. "Text" allows you to add and edit HTML. By selecting "HTML/JavaScript," you also can choose to link to a previously written, archived post that gives the written details of the contest.
Step 3
Complete the "Add a Page Element" template, click and drag the item to the "Blog Posts" section.

Step 4
Click "Preview" to make sure the sticky post appears at the top of the page. Then click "Save."
See? It's just very easy... Now let me give it a try. I sure would like to make a sticky post! Hehe!


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