Tuesday, July 20, 2010


This was my birthday gift to Hubby last year: an Apple iPod 8GB. He wasn't using it much last year and I have been borrowing it from time to time, being the "music lover" that I am. Then we started going to the gym a few months ago and he realized that he needed to use it. To keep his mind off the time, he wanted to watch a full length movie that runs from an hour or so.

But his plans of watching movies via his iPod while training at the studio were put on hold and the iPod suddenly went missing. Yes, it was suddenly gone with the wind. Hubby suspected that our little girl was the one responsible. We searched every nook and cranny and found no sign of the iPod. What a waste, I thought to myself... to think that it was a gift. I felt bad but never really told hubby about it.

Then a couple weeks ago, before we left for our one-week trip, I found it. It was safely nestled in our little girl's stroller. I removed the winter seat pads because it was already too warm for her, and there it was! We were so happy, or at least I was. It wasn't lost after all. My little girl is just very good at hiding things.


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