Thursday, August 26, 2010

Cups and Lowercase Gets A Makeoever!

Yes, my dears! This blog just had a makeover and what can I say? It's just plain FANTASTIC and WONDERFUL! Thanks a lot to the very able and creative Marce Kaye of WAHMaholic Blog Designs who practically finished everything in just one day! Okay, it's actually not just one day, if you consider everything but Kaye and I did finalize everything in just one sitting. She is so like a fairy with her magic skills at html scripts. I have a request to change this and that, after a few seconds, I get to see the preview of my requested changes. Ain't that super great!

I so loved the new layout. Even my blogger friends think so too!
  • Clarissa Love the layout,Mommy Kikamz!Thumbs up to K!!

    Details 2010-08-25 3:02 PM

  • bonz nice layout!

    Details 2010-08-25 1:18 PM

  • Yami Nice layout marce. Good job Marce K! :)

    Details 2010-08-25 1:11 PM

  • fedhz woot woot. congrats marce

    Details 2010-08-25 5:52 PM

It is just what I exactly had in mind... And I have Marce Kaye to thank for! Once again marce, thanks for being so good at what you are doing. May you continue to have more blogger customers! I love you Marce!


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