Thursday, August 30, 2012

A Good Way to Learn

Learning the natural sciences can either be very difficult or very interesting depending on the way it is taught and on the different learning materials available to the student. Biology, Chemistry and Physics are three of these natural sciences that I consider to be very interesting when taught the right way.

These days, the modern student likes it more when certain topics are presented in a creative, interactive way.  The teacher has the responsibility of seeing to it that the subject matter is taught in an effective manner. Gone are the days when writing equations on the board and talking in monologues are the measure of good teaching. Although they are essential, the lectures and the calculations, it is a good idea to spice it up some more. Adding some video documentaries, experiments, practical examples, and even games and short excursion trips all add up to making the subject matter more interesting. It keeps the students alert and active while learning how things work without getting bored.

And as for students, they should also learn how to be creative and be resourceful when learning. It is also important that the student has interest in the subject manner, otherwise it will really be difficult for him to learn. And should studying bore him to death, there will always be free online games on the internet like the  happy wheels game that will help him break the monotony. But of course, he shouldn't spend the entire time playing. One should be disciplined enough to know their limit.


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