Thursday, August 23, 2012

Super Mario

I don't know anybody who doesn't know Super Mario. He is a very popular character way back in the 80's and I guess he still is to this day. I consider Super Mario a classic computer game. It has been in existence for three decades now and it is still popular among children, teenagers and adults alike. I remember playing with it with my cousins on our Family computer when I was still a kid. That was still in the 80's and technology has evolved a lot since then.

Yet, Super Mario, the Italian guy in the signature blue jumpers, red shirt and cap, and black moustache and his sidekick and bestfriend Luigi, the one in the green jumpers, didn't  seem to grow old. He still looks the same, maybe even better. The games have become better too - more interactive, more alive, more colorful.

Have you ever tried playing mario games? My daughter even enjoyed playing it when she was allowed to play with a friend's Nintendo.

One can even play the good old classic mario and even luigi games using only a computer and an internet connection. Yes, no need to buy additional gadgets. I tried playing it online and it brought back those childhood memories. The graphics and the audio are very similar to the one I was used to playing as a kid, it made me smile just listening to the background audio. Hehe!

Because the game is free, you can play with it for hours on end and never get bored. There's different games for different age groups and gender. The classic Super Mario Brothers game is available for just about anyone. Interesting games like Mario pacman can be played by big children, and Mario memory game and Mario tetris would be a fun game to be played by smaller children.


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