Monday, June 14, 2010

Relaxing On A Sunday

Yesterday, I learned some not so great news back home and I got affected. I felt sad, frustrated, helpless and angry at the same time because things were not how I hoped they would be. 

Hubby, trying to appease and comfort me suggested we go out to get some fresh air and have some sushi. Since it has been a while since we ate out and it has been like eons since I had my fill of sushi, I said okay. And was I glad I did! We ate at Fai Sushi Restaurant and it was a neat place. Not so crowded so that we didn't have to wait in line just like in the sushi restaurants in Japan. I can't believe I missed sushi so much! We consumed about 20 plates worth of sushi and two servings of miso soup. I was relieved from my reverie but it came with a price... an expensive one. But because we love to eat this Japanese fare, we had to close our eyes and forget about the price tab. After all, it was only for a day. And if it was all it took for me to forget, I guess it was well worth it.

After eating, we took a stroll at SchloƟplatz. The city was not so crowded. It seemed that everybody was at home, waiting for the main game. It's soccer season and I guess the entire Germany is all eyes on the TV screen especially if their national team is playing. But that is another story...

Thanks Dad for taking me out. You always know how to comfort me.


now I know na Japanese foods especially sushi ang makakapag-comfort sa iyo. I don't eat much Japanese foods pero pagkain din ang katapat ko, sis..ehehe.

nga pala sis, I followed this one too.I love your layout and header. ang ganda!


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