Sunday, June 20, 2010

Scam Mails

It amazes me how people still have the nerve to send scam mails. It's just plain shameless and malicious. The world is having enough problems as it is and these scam mails are just filling up our mailbox spaces. It's a good thing that most free email services have filters and can recognize SPAM as it is but there are still scam mails that can get through to inboxes.

I had the unfortunate chance of reading one scam mail and the objective to deceive people, steal their contact information and to drain money out of their pockets is plainly written in between the lines. Most of these scam mails are written by so-called bank employees and tell of a very rich person who suddenly died and left a great fortune in the amount of so and so. And then it would speak of that rich person having no next of kin and then "requesting" that you send them your contact information so that they can release the money to you.

I just find these scam mails disgusting and funny. Which rich person wouldn't leave their fortune to an heir or draw a will of testament even long before they die? So be warned. Do not be a victim. Take extra care with what to believe and what not.


About 10 years ago, I almost believe these scam mails but now, I delete them on sight. :)


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