Friday, July 23, 2010

A Macro Lens, I Wish!

I love to take photos. I am not a professional photographer though and I only do it as a hobby. No formal trainings either.... I just read about photography on the internet when I feel up to it and just take lots of photos. I also take inspiration from friends who are also into photography as a hobby. I admit, this photography thing can be an expensive hobby. Purchasing a DSLR camera is no joke but if you really love to take photos and want to capture those precious memories, it's all worth it.

If we are connected in Facebook, you will find that my photos' subjects vary: from buildings and monuments, to flowers and insects, to people and human activity, and so on. I love to take photographs of flowers and insects more though. I especially love to capture the interaction between them. However, my camera's lens can only do so much. That's why I sometimes wish that I have a macro lens. I can do so much more with a macro lens. But I know it is expensive so I will just have to wait for the right time to come.


hi.. added you badge . Thanks for your contest sponsorship.. you can send paypal payment through gracefancubit at yc.. also teachme how to make stickly post for my contest. ty.


great shots, sis kahit hindi macro lens. ako nga sony cyber shot lang ginagamit ko. di ko kase afford dslr. sana nga makabili tayo ng with macro lens soon.


nga pala, thanks for grabbing my badges. i really appreciate that. God bless!


HI Kamz! Use MACRO Filters, it's a great sub for the real Macro lens.


hi ench! thanks for the suggestion! will try to look them up. hugs!


Oooh I'm not even thinking about getting any additional lenses at this time, I just don't have the extra money for one. :( I use a macro filter sometimes.

Checkout my newbie photography blog, but there's not much there yet :)



me too i like to take photographs, i dont have the most expensive camera, but for now i think my 10 pixel camera works pretty good for what i need.


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