Friday, July 16, 2010

Thank You PayU!

My main blog Just About Anything got approved for the much talked about paid blog advertising service among bloggers: PayU2blog, thanks to my very good blogging friends who encouraged me and gave me tips on what to do with my blog before signing up for the service.

 It has been a little over a month since I received my first assignment from them and tasks have been coming in steadily except for the last two weeks.

First payment received 18 June 2010.
2nd payment received 2 July 2010.
3rd payment received 16 July 2010.

Not bad for a start right? And that is only for one blog. I am still building up another blog and hopefully, it will also get approved and I will also be able to monetize it.

If you still aren't on PayU2, give it a try. Just make sure your blog has it's own domain, it has got a high PR, loads easily, and has a personalized favicon. Good luck to my fellow bloggers who are also looking to earn some moolah through blog advertising.


I'm with them too and I sooooo love it! hehe :) I will try to add other blogs there too.


I am with them for almost two years and I love them forever!!

By the way, care to exchange links? I finally got my coffee inspired domain name!

Caffeinated Muse


marce ayaw nila ng ganito hehe. ayaw nila ng may screen cap ng payment hehe


really there are things to do with our blogs before signing up with payu2? i tried to sign up for the nth time but got no reply from them. can you share with me what are the things I should do? hope you could help me, sis. thanks in advance.


thanks for the tips, sis. placed your badge on topics on earth and your link on mom's ups and downs.


@marce peh: talaga marce? ayaw nila na may screen cap? hehe.. cge, will remember to take this down pag i sign up ko to with them. hehe! yung screen cap lang ba ang ayaw nila or pati ang post? :D


hi, kikamz!
signed up with them twice already, but no reply. can you give tips on what to do to my blog before i sign up? it would be greatly appreciated.

btw, grabbed your badge in my 3 blogs, you can check them here:

Bonz World ~Meet the Chef Wannabe~
I Love Cupcakes! Yummy!
Pink Stuff Galore

thanks in advance!


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